Get it right before you Scale.


2.5X increase in profits in three months

Increased return on Ad spend from 250% to 630% resulting in a
2.5 X increase in profits in a span of three months in the e-com
space for a client specializing in B2C and B2B Data Storage

Slashed CPA from $145 to $23 in 2.5 months

Reduced the cost per acquisition of lead for a client from $145 to
$23 in a span of 2.5 months for a client in mobility services.

1.6 X increase in conversion rate in 8 weeks.

Increased the conversion rate by 1.6 times in a span of 2 months
without increasing the ad spend for a Banking and Finance

250 units/month to 600 units/month in 8 weeks

Increased high ticket educational programs conversions from 250
units /month to 600 units/month in 8 weeks creating extreme
client delight.


Understand your business goals

a.Understand your business goals for the next 3 quarters.
b.Understand your current marketing & sales methods.
c.Understand your key Challenge areas in achieving your business goals.

Devise a holistic Marketing strategy

a.Understand which platforms to pick based on the objectives.
b.Devise an in depth custom strategy.
i.Market research.
ii.keyword research.
iii.Competitor analysis.
iv.Budgets splits across platforms

Finalisation & Approval

a.Explain you in detail the strategy that we developed.
b.Seek your inputs wherever required.
c.Finalize the plan

Launch Campaigns

i.Choose which sub-spaces to market on within various platforms.
ii.Generate and select keywords.
iii.Create collaterals.
iv.Create Ad copy text.
v.Generate and select keywords.
vi.Launch the Campaigns


i.Adding & subtracting new keywords.
ii.Ad new copy.
iii.Restructure the campaigns.
iv.Scale the campaign

Reporting and communication

1.Frequency of reporting.
2.Contents of the reports.
3.Weekly/Bi-weekly Sync-ups


Client Centricity

We strongly believe that we should think from the client's angle , that will enable us to see stuff that we otherwise won’t be able to see. Help us discover patterns that we can use to give a competitive advantage to our clients.

Result Orientation

We are absolutely cognisant of the fact that effort doesn’t equal results. Just putting in the hours will not suffice, we believe in constant innovation and improvisation to get maximum results for our clients.

Work with whom you vibe with

with whom you vibe with. - We would like to understand our client and see if they are a match for us before we commit to working with them.

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